Heron Landing Golf Club :: Peterborough Ontario

Girls' Club

Hosting Girls' Club for the last 10+ years has
been a true joy, but it is now time to say goodbye
to this program.  Our goal has always been to 
introduce more kids to golf, and with that in mind, 
Heron Landing is going to shift focus to the Golf in
Schools program.  In partnership with Golf Canada,
we will be visiting local schools with a bag of safe
equipment for indoor use.  The best part is that after
the lesson, the equipment stays at the school and can
be used whenever teachers wish.  It's a great way to
reach lots of kids, many of whom would never be exposed
to golf otherwise.

To all of our Girls' Club graduates, thanks for giving golf a try.  Playing with you on Monday afternoons
was always so rewarding.  You made us laugh, you impressed us with your awesome shot-making, and
you helped us remember that, above all else, golf is supposed to be fun. Keep playing!!!  To all of our
Girls' Club parents, we look forward to seeing some of your daughters (and sons) in their school gym
soon, and thanks for all the support over the years.